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Purchase a copy of “A Thousand Dollars and Back”


Choose: $25 DVD / $30 Blu-ray disc – MN sales tax included.
Add $5 for shipping and handling per order.

Order by sending a check to either of the sponsoring organizations listed below. Or, request a Paypal invoice by contacting

Romanian Genealogy Society
1385 Mendota Heights Rd., Suite 100
Mendota Heights, MN 55120


Heritage Organization of Romanian Americans in Minnesota (HORA)

In 2017, HORA completed production of a new documentary film about Romanian immigration to Minnesota during Communism, in partnership with Twin Cities Public Television. Called “Through the Iron Curtain from Romania,” you can learn more about it and buy a copy of the DVD from their website and at




2 thoughts on “Buy the DVD

  1. I am a descendent of the Sarafolean ancestors who came to the St. Paul, MN area shortly after my grandfather, John Michael Sarafolean was born along with his siblings and his father, Michael Joseph Sarafolean. My grandfather was born in 1908 so I believe they came over by cattle boat within a couple years after. My great-great grandfathers name was also John Sarafolean who had six siblings. His father’s name was Petru Sarafolean. I would like to know more about the documentary, From Romania To Minnesota:A History and any Sarafolean’s involved in the interviews.Y

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